Sudakai Stormwatcher (Petrichor 365)

12 March, 2023

Many people with many sorts of talents have ended up in Petrichor, one such person is Sudakai Stormwatcher.  He is one of the Ypisarian Serpentfolk and is on the Imperial payroll without being an official part of the Imperial forces.

Sudakai‘s role is implied by his name, he has an excellent predictor of the weather and especially of storms.  His ability is good for about three days out and when he says a storm is coming, sailors and fishermen listen (and farmers too).  Sudakai‘s skill has become so accepted that his prediction is posted in the Grand Market every morning and then copied from there and posted across town (such as in the Crossroads Coffeehouse).

Sudakai awakes at midnight to take the portents and reports on the weather just before to the highest-ranking Imperial Naval Officer (Commodore Pharos if he is in port) and if there is no naval officer present, he reports to Portmaster.  After reporting, he visits the Shrine of All Ancestors, paying his respects to those who have gone before.

Sudakai is a tall serpentfolk with dark grey and pale grey scales, he carries a staff drilled with holes that whistle as they catch the wind.  He usually wears a simple grey robe belted in black, two salt-bladed daggers from his homeland are worn sheathed.  He is happy to talk to people and is always interested in learning about where they are from and the weather there.  Sudakai also likes listening to music and is often found at inns and taverns where live performances are happening.

Questions: Where does his weather prediction talent come from?  What other magical talents might he possess?  I would have him be an ancestor priest who learns the weather from the spirits.  But you might have a better idea.

Notes: Knowing the weather is important, especially for sailors.

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Image Photo by Petr Kratochvil found on PublicDomainPictures.net and is in the Public Domain.

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