Argun’s Helping Hand (Petrichor 365)

10 March, 2023

Clever designNear to the naval docks is a three-story house with a brick ground floor and timber, primarily made of fresh timbers, not wood repurposed from ships.  Above the front door is an oversized, open wooden hand with “Argun” painted in blue across the palm.

Behind barred windows, one on either side of the door, are a display of prosthetic limbs: hands, arms, legs, and feet.  The majority are made of carved wood but a few are crafted from metal.  For these are what Argun sells, replacement parts, yes, he knows the name could be considered in bad taste but it pleases him.

Argun Oakcrafter is one of the Earthkine, tall and slender with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, he is stronger than one might suspect from his build.  His Lack is shame, Argun simply never feels shame or embarrassment, and it shows in his wardrobe which is all bright colors, plaids, and checks.  He also always has at least one knife easily to hand.  Argun is very outgoing and happy to talk to anyone about anything, no shame, remember?

Argun spends his days measuring and making prosthetics for people, he knows enough magic to be able to enchant them with basic movement and feedback so that people have a basic sense of touch.  As people often have serious injuries, he has no lack of customers.  While not everyone can afford the highest quality of prosthetics, Argun has something for everyone, even if it is just a basic carved leg or hand with appropriate fittings.  Argun loves helping people but does not wish to end up in the poor house either, so he does what he can.

Argun is always seeking skilled assistants to help him make the prosthetics, he prefers woodworkers but knows that some people prefer metal so he would consider clock workers and other metal workers as well.  Currently, he only has two servants who prepare meals and keep the place clean so he can focus on work, but he really wants to recruit some help.  While Argun has kept pace with demand for his wares he would like to be able to build up a backstock of partly completed parts and refine some of his enchantments further.

Argun‘s house is well-appointed for those who want the best in prosthetics are quite willing to pay for them.

Notes: Magical, and non-magical, prosthetics should be part of fantasy worlds.  So, here is a place that makes them.

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Image Artificial right leg found on Wikimedia Commons and from the Wellcome Trust collection used under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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