Hope’s Hearth (Petrichor 365)

9 March, 2023

A hearty breakfastOnly in the broadest possible sense is Hope’s Hearth actually part of Port Imperial and it will be outside the walls once they are complete.

Hope’s Hearth is a small hostel on the major road leading out from Port Imperial.  It is made of turf and stone with simple windows made of recovered glass.  There is a small garden around the building and a simple shelter for animals.

It is basically one long room with a fireplace for cooking at one end, rows of tables and benches and a well to draw water from.  It is a place for travelers to stay before heading deeper into Petrichor.

It was built by a group of Wayist monks who have since moved on, but it has always been run by members of the Wayish community.  Currently, by Three Graces, she runs the place with the aid of two or three Wayist pilgrims.

Three Graces is an older, weather-worn woman, a healer who lost her right leg at the knee and has a wooden prosthetic to replace the lost limb.  Her hair is almost entirely silver and her violet eyes are still bright. 

Any traveler who stops is welcome to stay the night and have a simple soup of vegetables and herbs for dinner and a warm bowl of porridge for breakfast.  Three Graces will serve meat and other foods if donated but does not prepare such herself.

While there is a donation box, money is never asked for but it is a rare guest that does not give at least something in exchange for the kindness and welcome shown to them.

Notes: The Sun Cult, Ancestor Worship, and the Wayists are the three major surviving faiths in the Sea of Stars.

Just a nice place to stop on one’s travels.

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Image found on Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.

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