Calphan’s Fine Fish (Petrichor 365)

5 March, 2023

Fresh fish, they're lovely!In Port Imperial, food is a continuing problem, the nearby farms are beginning to produce excess for sale in the market, the occasional livestock drive (such as those by Captain Terrance) and local fishermen bringing in fresh catches.  Even with all that imported food is still necessary to provide much of the needed food for its burgeoning population.

One of the places to buy seafood is Calphan’s Fine Fish.  It is a simple building mostly built of wood recovered from ships with awnings made of worn sail-cloth and its only purpose is to be a place where fish and other seafood is sold.  Liphs Caphan is himself a fisherman but he does not actually fish much anymore, his focus is now coordinating several fishermen and boats to get the best catches and to the shop as quickly as possible.  Liphs is a stout man in his middle forties of above average height with greying dark brown, weather-beaten skin and green-grey eyes.  He dresses as a fisherman even when not aboard a fishing boat and after work, he enjoys a pipe of tobacco, but he never smokes when selling fish as the ash could lower the value of the fish.

His wife, Sira, splits her time between helping at the shop and shrimping, her specialty in seafood harvesting.  Sira is in her early forties, wiry and her hair is sunbleached.

They have two sons, Konn and Tolls, who man the family’s fishing boat, Geri’s Blessing, named after their gran.  They are in their early twenties and they look much like their father except Tolls is slender like his mother.  They take the boat out fishing every day the weather allows.

They all live in a small two-room home near to the docks where the fisherfolk keep their boats.

Notes: One of the many ways that Port Imperial gets food.

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Image photo from Needpix.com and is in the Public Domain.

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