The Crossroads Coffeehouse (Petrichor 365)

3 March, 2023
Have a cup

Inn scene. Origin: Amsterdam. Date: 1658 – 1706. Object ID: RP-P-1901-A-22318.

Not all business is conducted over beer and wine, some prefer mild stimulants instead.  At one end of the grand market towards the docks is the Crossroads Coffeehouse which is happy to supply such.

It is a stout building, two stories tall with a stone ground floor and a wooden upper one.  The front is two large windows with a set of double doors between them.  The glass of the window is mostly clear but there are some amber, blue, and green pieces set along the edges.  There are heavy shutters to protect the windows from storm, or other, damage, they are also closed at night.

The interior of the coffee house is all solid wooden furniture.  Coffee is brewed in large batches throughout the day, though patrons can pay extra for freshly made coffee.  Meals in the form of cold meats, cheeses, bread, and soups are available.

The Crossroads Coffeehouse is a place for meetings, exchange of information, and business.  Behind the counter is a set of storage boxes for letters and other packages.  Broadsheets are available for reading.  It is a place always abuzz with the latest news and speculation about what the future will bring and especially how it will affect business.

The coffeehouse is run by Villi VanDerVant, an ambitious young woman from Asterdahl.  Her dark blond hair is worn in a tight braid that falls to her waist and her grey eyes take everything in.  Villi always dresses well and wears a leather apron when working to keep them safe from coffee stains.  She listens and, occasionally, invests when the profit looks certain.  While Villi has an excellent idea of the contours of trade within Port Imperial she never shares overheard secrets, that would be bad for business.  Villi is hoping to meet someone who can help her manage and improve the coffeehouse but has not met them yet.

The other workers are all younger people, many who intend to be venturers or settlers once they have raised some capital.  As long as they are hard-working and not hard on the eyes, Villi is happy to employ them for weeks or months until they earn their stake and move on.

Villi and the staff, which is usually two or three people, live above the coffee house.  Extra coffee is stored on the upper floor, while roasting is done on the main floor.

The Crossroads is a popular place for merchants and traders, deals are made and information is exchanged.  The Imperial Engineers and Immortal Guard often drop in to grab a mug of coffee and catch up on the news.  Captain Ajzure tries to drop by at least once a week to take the pulse of the mercantile community.

Notes: Inspired by the 17-18th C coffeehouses in England.

Unsurprisingly there are many crossroad coffeehouses in the real world too.

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Image Inn Scene from the Rijksmuseum, found on LookandLearn and is in the Public Domain.

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