Cousin Foskle, Hapless Dilettante (Petrichor 365)

7 February, 2023

Foskle at homeNot everyone who comes to Petrichor is well equipped to face the dangers of the island, in most of these cases, it is a lack of physical equipment, and sometimes, it is lack of mental preparedness and understanding.  Foskle Haszolai is an example of the latter case.

Foskle tends to take off with minimal preparation as soon as he hears about something new and exciting.  Grabbing his bag and venturing out without a care in the world but often with equally unprepared companions.  Surprisingly, this has not (yet in any case) led to his death or tragic dismemberment.  But it has led to his family,, acting through Yillalla, to send out several expeditions to bring him safely home.

After the last such rescue, the family has employed a bodyguard to keep Foskle from acting on his worse impulses.  Currently, that role is filled by Shavaun, one of the Sheth who has, so far, been able to channel his self-destructive impulses into more productive tasks.

Foskle is tall and gawky, standing at just over six feet (184cm) in height, with uncontrollable auburn hair and bright blue-green eyes.  He dresses well in what he thinks an explorer should wear, always including a had and a fancy walking stick.  He is, contrary to his appearance, a competent sorcerer due to his heritage it is that fact, and a healthy amount of luck, that has kept him alive for far in Petrichor.

Foskle does have a talent for finding interesting places to explore . . . and then getting lost in them.  House Haszolai hopes that with the proper direction, this talent of Foskle‘s will prove useful in their bid to control as much of the valuable lands as they can.  Foskle is obvious to these machinations and simply wants to visit and explore rare and exotic places

When he is getting an expedition together, Foskle looks for those that share his love of adventure and willingness to explore.  He does not care for mercenaries or others who care only for money, he likes to recruit his fellow explorers, dreamers, and visionaries.  Of course, hiring only such people may be why some of those expeditions went so disastrously wrong, now he has someone to help him with the practicalities of planning such a journey they will probably go better.  As a member of a Draconic House, he has considerable resources to call upon, when he can be bothered to take full advantage of his connections.

Foskle, for all of his absent-mindedness and the fact that he is a magnet for trouble, is actually a pretty nice guy.  He is widely read, if not deeply, happy to explore and learn new things, and surprisingly loyal to those who help him.

Notes: Find and rescue Foskle has been the starting point of more than one adventure in Petrichor.  Always good to have someone for the player characters to pull out of trouble.

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Picture Sir Joseph Banks by Joshua Reynolds, found on WikiArrt, sourced from the National Portrait Gallery, London, UK, and is in the Public Domain.

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