Somari Strongarm (Petrichor 365)

4 February, 2023

Working hardAmong the workers on the docks, Somari Strongarm is one of the most well-known of the longshoremen on the Port Imperial docks.  This is partly from his size, 7’2″ (2.18m) tall, and partly from his cheerful work ethic.

Somari arrived on one of the ships and just never left.  The longshoremen quickly took him in as one of their own, his strength being quickly recognized.  He likes being part of an organization, especially one that appreciates his abilities.  Somari lives in the longshoreman’s house and is well looked after.

For reasons he cannot articulate, Somari no longer cares to go aboard ships but with his height and reach, it does not impair his ability to help load and unload ships much.  He serves as a major part of efforts to speedily load and unload ships up and down the docks, his services are always in demand and he often is one of the last people working on the docks.  This does not bother him, he seems most happy when he is working.

After work, he joins one of the groups that he worked with that day and they treat him to a meal, he is a man of simple taste but he eats a considerable amount.  Though he only drinks beer, having no taste for harder liquor.  So feeding him is not that expensive.  Then after some singing or other entertainment, he returns to the longshoreman’s house for a good night’s rest so that he can start the process all over again.

While many expect such a large man to be a bit dim, Somari is not, he is not a great mind but he is at least average and he listens.  Occasionally asking questions so that he has a better understanding of what is going on.  He is trying to learn how to read but finds it slow going.  His memory is excellent and the foremen know to ask him if they fear something has gone missing.

For all his strength, Somari has no interest in combat or going on expeditions, he is happy where he is.  He likes the simple life and helping the docks work efficiently.  But, if he or his friends are attacked, he will defend them, using his size and strength to its best advantage.

On the rare occasion that Somari and Nodens Vors end up working side by side, ships are loaded or unloaded with remarkable speed.  But for some reason, while they work together without friction, they seem to avoid each other while working.  The other longshoremen are just as happy about it, however, as the two working together tend to make everyone else look ineffectual by comparison.

Notes: Just some more local color, Somari is unlikely to directly interact with the player characters but he is very noticeable.

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Image found on Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.

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