Wyn Tarmo, Letter Writer (Petrichor 365)

31 January, 2023

He will write your word for youOn the corner of the market under a small shelter can be found the letter writers, the most respected of whom in Wyn Tarmo.

Wyn Tarmo is an older man, how old it is hard to say, but he is still spry and his green-amber eyes are clear, his ears sharp, and his hand steady.  All important qualifications in a letter writer.  His greying hair is tied back and his clothes plain, the only thing notable is his writing kit.

In a world where many people cannot read, the services of a letter writer, and often reader as well, is vital.  Wyn is one of the best, able to put down the words that the person is trying to convey.

Wyn is fluent in the Imperial Tongue, Low Draconic, Language of Jade, and the written form of High Draconic.  He can be convinced to translate but it is not his preferred task.

The Society of Letter Writers is an informal group comprised of all of the public letter writers in Port Imperial, they do not have a great deal of money but they have a deep reservoir of goodwill among the people.  No one with any sense makes trouble for them.

Notes: Letter writers were an important bridge for people in the age before mass literacy.  It struck me that they should exist in fantasy worlds too.

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Image Public Letter-Writer – Lahore c. 1896 – A Print of Edwin Lord Weeks’ Painting, should be in the Public Domain but unconfirmed.

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