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Tuesday Magic Item – Captain’s Amulet

13 December, 2022

A fine example.Gollaon paced the deck of the ship.  “I know this is the fasted way to get there but somehow, traveling by ship always seems to take forever.”

The ship’s Captain raised an eyebrow.  “We go as fast as the winds allow.  We make the best time we safely can.”

Voddick leaned on that railing. “My friend was not criticizing the ship, its crew or you, captain,  Just being confined to shipboard is wearing for them.”

The Captain nodded.  “It can be for anyone.”

Captain’s Amulet

These amulets are an odd magic because the amulet is designed to help to keep the ship that the captain, well, captains, safe, but the captain must already have successfully kept the ship safe on a dangerous journey.

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