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Dateline – Seattle, December 2079 – The Giving Gala

12 December, 2022

So, the following is some long-form in-game writing set in my Shadowrun campaign verse.  It ties into a game I ran at Tyche’s Games and a news story in the Seattle Scream (more information on both can be found here).  There are maybe five or six people in the world who are likely to appreciate it (but feel free to prove me wrong).

Dateline – Seattle

The Giving Gala is always a good show, last year I was here as a VIP, being courted by Rebel Entertainment, this year, I refused the invite and just purchased my own ticket.  Like any other Jill SixPack, this year, I wanted to see the event from the floor, among the people who were here for the music and the scene.

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