Tuesday Magic Item – Talent Testing Kit

1 November, 2022

Gollaon and Voddick made their way through the fair, Voddick sipping at a mug of local ale.  “Entirely competent,” he remarked as his friend drew to a stop.

“Look, the local academy is seeking those with the ability to work magic,” Gollaon said.  Under a multicolored tent, a set of richly robed men and women were instructing older children in various tasks to see if they could create minor magical effects. Glass cylinder held various elements: water, earth. a candle which -when lit- provided fire, and some that seemed empty, but obviously contained air as well.

Only a very few of the children were able to cause anything beyond the most minor of effects, though they did see one snuff and relight a candle while simply toughing the glass cylinder it was surrounded by.  “That one will get into the academy,” said Gollaon with a nod.

Talent Testing Kit

These kits are usually quite bulky, as they must carry breakable things without letting them break.  Glass cylinders, collections of crystals, complexly shaped bottles, or any of dozens of other designs.  Usually, each of the items contains a sample of the elements or other pieces of potential magic.

The kit contains items with basic enchantments but without the power to enact them, when properly instructed, those who do have the potential to work magic can often provide the power so that the enchantments may function.

Some examples:

Air that can be formed into a small, but visible, vortex within its confines.

A candle whose flame may be snuffed or lit without contact.

Brittle rocks that can be broken without contact.  Sand that can be shaped without touching it.

Water that can have color added to it.  Water that can be heated without external flame.  Water that can be turned to ice or ice that can be melted back into water in moments.

Sometimes what elements the person can manipulate and how will give some clue as to what sort of magic they are suited to learn or if their talent is great enough that it only needs focus (such as a sorcerer).

Aura faint divination; CL 3rd
Slot None: Price 2,500; Weight 10 lb
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Items, mending, prestidigitation, unseen servant; Cost 1,250

For D&D 5E:

Wondrous item (bag of equipment), uncommon

As above.

Notes: It was late and something like this show up in a story I am working on so . . . There you go.  But it does make sense that some cultures would work out a way to systematically test people for the talent to work magic.  The more magic uses you have in your society, the more useful magic you should have to make it better, so some quality of better in any case.

Image photo of glass bottles found on Photos Public Domain and are in the Domlic Domain in the US and used under a CC0 elsewhere.

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