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Tuesday Magic Item – Talent Testing Kit

1 November, 2022

Gollaon and Voddick made their way through the fair, Voddick sipping at a mug of local ale.  “Entirely competent,” he remarked as his friend drew to a stop.

“Look, the local academy is seeking those with the ability to work magic,” Gollaon said.  Under a multicolored tent, a set of richly robed men and women were instructing older children in various tasks to see if they could create minor magical effects. Glass cylinder held various elements: water, earth. a candle which -when lit- provided fire, and some that seemed empty, but obviously contained air as well.

Only a very few of the children were able to cause anything beyond the most minor of effects, though they did see one snuff and relight a candle while simply toughing the glass cylinder it was surrounded by.  “That one will get into the academy,” said Gollaon with a nod.

Talent Testing Kit

These kits are usually quite bulky, as they must carry breakable things without letting them break.  Glass cylinders, collections of crystals, complexly shaped bottles, or any of dozens of other designs.  Usually, each of the items contains a sample of the elements or other pieces of potential magic.

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November Shadowrun Campaign News and a new Seattle Scream Prop (#80)

1 November, 2022

Fashion takes workShadowrun has been a bit slow this month for various reasons, we did not even get in our usual Halloween-themed game!  But looking forward to GMing at Tyche’s Games this coming Saturday, so please come and play if you are in the Athens, Georgia, area.

I did realize that I am going to have to totally revamp my Songs in the Key of X campaign (pitch here for those interested).  it is an investigation-heavy and themed game and I did not force that focus hard enough leading to a set of characters mismatched to the problems at hand.  So, need to recast it for a second pilot and see how that goes.

Read all about it, the latest Seattle Scream (#80)!  News from near and far!  Sadly, nothing locked into actual runs but some good background stuff including international news!

Started work on my review of Hack & Slash, the new Shadowrun Matrix book, and hope to have a review of that up soon.

Notes: Photo from Seattle pi and is probably owned by someone and is from the real Seattle Fashion Week.

Update!  Due to the UGA/Tennessee Football game locking up traffic, we are trying the monthly Shadowrun game at Tyche’s again on the 12th.

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