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October Shadowrun Campaign News and a new Seattle Scream Prop (#79)

1 October, 2022

Only lightly violentJust finished up with the traditional first Saturday game at Tyche’s Games (please come and play if you are in the Athens, Georgia, area) which was successful.  September was fairly light on Shadowrun sadly, just the one Tyche’s Games run and finished up one SoCal game online.  But been thinking about Shadowrun quite a bit and opened a file just for adventure ideas (which served me in good stead earlier today).

Hot off the bit presses, the latest Seattle Scream (#79) again nothing tied directly to recent adventures as the runner managed to get out fairly clean.  Today’s adventure actually spiraled out of the combat soccer news from Issue 78, where they had to track down a Russian combat soccer player who had gone walkabout.

Still waiting for the official release of the new Shadowrun books so that I can get them reviewed which I am quite looking forward to.

Notes: Image from PxHere and is free to use under a CC0 Public Domain release and is thus free for personal and commercial use and chosen because combat soccer.

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