Autumn begins with October, goodbye September

30 September, 2022

It was the mash, the monster mashWhere did September go?  I turned around and now it is almost October!  October is, naturally, the eighth month of the Roman Calendar.  It seems the Romans had no special association for October beyond Autumn, but we have Halloween!  So the theme on the Sea of Stars Design Journal for this month will be Monsters and Monstrous Things!

If you have ideas for a Monster or monster-themed item you wish to see, let me know and I will try to make it happen.

Have a safe Autumn all.

September 2022, saw the following posts here:


My D&D Playtest Character Origins thoughts, posted here since, embarrassingly, I missed the chance to comment on the official site but I wanted there to be at least a chance for them to get back to Wizards.

New Magic Items:

Special all hats month!

Huckster’s Hat, wheel and deal (and run away if needed) with this hat.

Hungry Hat, it can take a bite out of your enemies.

Official’s Hat, even bureaucrats can have magic items.

Raven’s Mask, for the tricksters among you.

Campaign Report

September Shadowrun Campaign News and a new Seattle Scream Prop (#78)


The Sea in World History, Volume 1, a very useful historical resource.

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Image from clker.com and is free to use.

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