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Tuesday Magic Item – Offical’s Hat

20 September, 2022

Clothes, and hats, make the manGollaon signed.  “The worse form of tyranny is bureaucracy.”

Voddick nodded.  “In some way, yes.  But at least this is only costing us time and some coin.  Not blood and bone.”

“It feels like it is costing my soul,” Gollaon grumbled quietly.

“I grew used to it at home,” said Voddick.  “Some things must simply be endured to be overcome. Bureaucracy is often one of those things.”

Offical’s Hat

These hats are made to exact specifications that depend on the culture they are made in.  But they are instantly recognizable in the land they were made in.  At the very least, they are expertly made, and some are noticeably valuable in their own right with exquisite decorations.

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