September Shadowrun Campaign News and a new Seattle Scream Prop (#78)

2 September, 2022

Party!Back from GenCon and back into our Shadowrun campaigns!  Visited the Shadowrun room at GenCon and got some cool Catalyst Demo Team gear to wow the players with.  The next game I will be CHing will be tomorrow, the usual first Saturday game at Tyche’s Games, please come and play if you are in the Athens, Georgia, area.

Hot off the bit presses, the latest Seattle Scream (#78) nothing tied directly to recent adventures as the runner managed to get out fairly clean.  I ended up using the MetroPlex Marketplace Meetup (M3) from the last issue for three separate runs!  All taking place more or less simultaneously at different places around the convention.  Very pleasing.

Notes: Image from Pixabay and is free to use and ties into an extraction at a dance club during M3.

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