GenCon, 2022, Day 3 and Day 4

14 August, 2022

Following from Day 1 & 2.

Fortune Favor Thy RollDay 3 (Saturday, 5th August)

Ugh, up early.  Shower, coffee, booth.  First task, all of the stock that was left over from BGN off loaded from the pallet, unboxed and on the shelves.  That went pretty well, Howard, Nick and I are a good team and we had some help with the shelving of games.  After I ran a game over to Black Oak Workshop to trade for lovely dice, I got a Firefly D20 for Howard’s daughter Evie and a dice bag for Nick as well as some dice for myself.  The print pictured is from Kat G Birmelin and actually purchased on Day 2, it was the last one at the Con and I was very pleased (and perhaps fortunate) to acquire it.

Work was work, blew through most of the new items that we had restocked the shelves with and had to bring out lightly used copies of the Guild of Merchant Explorers that had been played at BGN.  And those moved a bit slower.  But the shelves were looking pretty bare by the end of the day.  So after the hall was closed to the public, we brought out all of the games we had on special, multiple cases, and put them on the shelves for tomorrow.

That having kept me late, bashed back to the room, quick shower, changed my shirt and mask and borrowed a generic ticket and ran off to the final session of Games on Demand for this GenCon.  Luckily it was in the same hotel that we were staying in.  Got signed in, an hour before it started, and waited.  There was quite a bit to watch as there was a World of Darkness LARP, I had forgotten about the LARPs, going on in the next room and spilling out into the corridor.  Interesting to watch.  I also found a couple who had the same boarding pass (X for Xorn) which is the way they organize people for Games on Demand slots, and we talked for a bit about which games we were interested in playing and decided that we would try for Knights of Underbed if possible.  And just some general chat about games until we were called up, Knights of Underbed was indeed open so we signed up and made our way to the table where the Games Master was waiting.

Knights of the Underbed is a lovely little game about toys and stuffed animals that awake at night to venture into the dreamlands to guard their children using the Tiny D6 system, which I had not played before, but seemed pretty easy to use.  The group as a whole was very good and happy to engage with the game on its own terms.

Day 4 (Sunday, 7th August)

Again, up early, shower, coffee (this time a mocha with an extra shot), exhibit hall.

Last-minute trades netted me some dice from Metal Dice Games and the other new Shadowrun book at the con: Shadow Cast.  Victory!  The day was spent selling things and making sure that none of the giveaway games were left at the end of the Con.  At which we were entirely successful.

Carrying capacity reachedThen, breakdown, which went pretty smoothly as there was very little stock to repack.  In fact, this is the first time I can remember that Howard and I got off the exhibit floor at the same time (usually he ends up working later finishing packing).  Showers, a dinner for the volunteers who were still around, and final packing for the long trip home.  Howard had scored two cases of games for a local convention he works at and Nick had found a case of games abandoned at the dumpster which he grabbed for me to take for Tyche’s (Nick is such a good guy).  And thus ended GenCon for the year.  Hope to be back in 2023.

My photos from GenCon here.

Aftermath: the trip back featured more wreaks and roadwork so seemed to take forever, but we made it back safely.



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