GenCon, 2022, Day -1 and Day 0

3 August, 2022

Under the mountain and across the borderDay -1 (Tuesday, 2nd August) was devoted to travel from Georgia to Indianapolis, not a short hop.  We were trying a new route up through Kentucky and Tennessee which, although it took a little longer (maybe) was really beautiful and included traveling through the Cumberland Gap Tunnel (one of only two tunnels in the United States that cross state lines).

But by far the most exciting part of the day was a little after one o’clock when we had been on the road for about four hours.  We pulled off to stop at a Cracker Barrel and Howard, who was driving, said, “Do you hear that?”

To which I replied, “No, but don’t be surprised.  I don’t hear a lot, I have a genetic defect that prevents me from hearing a range of sounds.”

“It sounds like a cat.”

“A cat?”

I listened but still did not hear anything.  We got out and then I heard a big meow and Howard and I looked at each other.  He open the hood and we both looked, he said that he saw something.  But there was no way to get down into the engine compartment or even get a good look, modern engines being what they are.  We decided to go and have lunch and let the engine cool so that maybe it could get out,

After asking the cashier about a nearby car repair place, we returned to the car, and the cat still seemed to be there.  So we drove down the road to the Newport Car Care Center.  Howard explained the situation and one of the mechanics said that he would take the cat, one he had been convinced there was one.  They started hunting about, found the cat, snagged the cat, it got away and back under the car and snagged it out again.  It was a little grey tabby kitten with pale eyes, it seemed hot and dehydrated but otherwise in good shape,  I took it from the second mechanic, who warned me it was a biter, but he just as calm as could be with me.  I handed him off to the first mechanic who took him off to get some water, with the other three mechanics clustered around,  We said good-by and headed back off on our trip.  Sadly, I failed to get a photo of the little guy but I can only wish him well after such an ordeal.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, thankfully, and we finally arrived in Indy just after dark, unloaded our bags, parked the car and retired to our room for some much-needed rest before set-up work the next day.

Day 0 (August 3)

Up early, showered and then in search of coffee!  Visited Pulse Coffee, which took over Bee Coffee‘s location right across from the Convention Center, nice people, above average coffee but a little pricy and they seem utterly unprepared for GenCon crowds,  I wish them the best of luck.

Then, off to the exhibitor’s hall for setup.  Most of which had been done on Tuesday but we helper get the last bits done and were finished by a little after Noon.  Howard and I went to Goodwood for lunch where I had some very tasty fish and chips though the server seemed a bit distracted.  We then scouted out the nearest Starbucks which is open early but also closes early (2:30pm) and we are going to try getting coffee there tomorrow.

OToo much!n our way back to the exhibitors hall, we saw an overloaded pallet being moved and decided to help them get it where it was going which was every bit as silly as you would expect but, you know, we are all in this together and if we do not help each other out who will?   And everyone here is part of our tribe.

Then we wandered around, caught up with Craig and the people from Black Oak Workshop at last., being from our local area, I like to support BOW at cons. Howard got called away to help with AEG stuff.  I finally met Aaron Miller, with whom I worked with on the WIld Shape cards Kickstarter but had never met or even talked with before, all of our previous communications having been done electronically.  Then I ran into Drew Baker, who had also just arrived (lots of delays on the motorway to Inianpolis it seemed), and helped him get his booth set up (yes, I spend my extra time from not having to work booth setup to do . . . booth setup)..

Then, a dinner for the AEG volunteer hosted by AEG at the Crown Plaza’s restaurant which was pretty good.  Met up with an old friend from England and got him a game he had been looking for, which I had brought up with me.  And now, back in my room typing this and getting ready for some sleep before the big day!  Hopefully, see some of you there!

And what happened next.

Photo: Photo of the Cumberland Gap Tunnel from the Kentucky side by Stratosphere and used under CC BY-SA 4.0.  Lower photo, personal work.

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