End of July, towards August and GenCon

31 July, 2022

GenCon Gamer GamingAugust, which is named after the Roman Emperor (or First Citizen if you prefer) Augustus Caesar, the theme will be a month of personalities from the Sea of Stars (and possibly other places) if I can find some inspiration.  If there is someone -or something– in particular that you would like to see, write a comment or otherwise let me know.

I will be at GenCon which follows closely after the start of August.  Who else is planning to attend this year?  Maybe we can meet up and chat.

A slowish month was July, 2022, but not entirely without content in this journal:


Sean’s GenCon Advice, 2022.

Game Mastering Styles, this is mine.

Campaign Reports:

August Shadowrun Campaign News and a new Seattle Scream Prop (#77)

Superheroes Once Upon a Time in 1968 – Issue 14. Part 2: Miami Fright.

New Magic Items:

Animal Pal Amulet and Collar, communicate better with animals and let them communicate better with you.

Elemental Seed, awaken the spirit in the element.

Heart’s Secret Pen, send a letter to your love that only they can read.

Zodiac Headband, call on the constellations for guidance.

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Photo from GenCon 2021 and taken by me.

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