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Tuesday Magic Item – Zodiac Headband

12 July, 2022

So many starsGollaon and Voddick stood guard, their weapons ready on the roof of the tower as the young scion performed a short ritual under the summer stars, their headband glowing in the starlight.

“Will this be done soon?” whispered Voddick to his friend.  “There is a meg of stout calling my name.”

“Soon enough, our employer is being exceptionally precise,” whispered back Gollaon.  “It is a less burdensome task than they have prepared for here.”

“At least the quarters are comfortable and the pay is good.”

Zodiac Headband

These headbands are usually made from silver and set with a oval of cut jet (or other black stone) to be worn over the forehead.  The oval glimmer and glitters as if trying to manifest light which it does when exposed to the constellations above, it will replicate the pattern of the constellation in appropriately colored crystals. Read the rest of this entry ?

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