Tuesday Magic Item – Elemental Seed

5 July, 2022

Seeds for greatnessGollaon watched, bow ready, as the elementalist dropped small crystals into the prepared areas.  Within moments, man-shaped, but well larger than most people, beings of clay and stone with glittering crystal eyes emerged from the ground, as though swimming up from the depths.

Voddick crossbow snapped.  “I hope you are done with whatever you needed to do,” he said from around the corner.  “Because those demon-riders are almost here.”

The stone and clay beings followed the commands of the elementalist who followed them with Gollaon at their side.  “We are on the way with aid,” said Gollaon as Voddick’s crossbow launched another bolt.

Elemental Seed

These are almost always crystals, usually semi-precious stones, but sometimes they appear as something more unusual: Amber for earth.  Clouds woven into a knot for air.  An ever-burning coal for fire. Unmelting ice or snow for water.  To use the seed, they must simply be placed into a large amount of the appropriate element and an elemental will appear made of that element, who is friendly to the person who awakened them it but not under their control.The elemental seed, just casually tossed into the appropriate environment, will generate a small elemental that will be friendly toward its creator.  It can, more or less, understand its creator (unless they speak the appropriate elemental tongue) and it will probably help them as long as the task is not too onerous.

If the material is properly prepared, as is appropriate to the elemental, it creates a medium elemental that is more friendly to its awakened (those no more able to communicate).

A spell caster who activates one of these seeds may expend an appropriately elemental-aligned spell to add a number of hit dice equal to the spell level (to a maximum of the caster’s level or the elemental’s base hit dice, whichever is lower).  This will also improve the elemental’s opinion of their creator.

Ultimately, however, the elemental wishes to do whatever its nature suits it to and they are unlikely to remain with their creator for long, especially if an opportunity to indulge their nature appears (fire elementals are especially prone to this).

Usually, the elemental seeds are tied to a particular element, and obvious about their tie but rarely there will be one that can awaken any element, these are usually crystals that appear clear but when exposed to bright light, create a cascade of rainbow-colored light across their surface.

Aura conjuration; CL 9th
Slot none; Price 1,700; Weight
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Items, summon nature’s ally V; Cost 850

For D&D 5E:

Wondrous item (crystal usually), uncommon

As above.

Notes: Elementals in the Sea of Stars are not creatures from another place, but the awakened spirit of an element (more information here), and there are at least two more types of elemental, darkness and lunar, beyond the traditional four.

Some of the ideas I have for shaping elementals would be: For earth, use of amber with a creature inside as the seed and having the elemental would appear as a larger version of that creature or a statue.  Air would be channeling the flow of air through a natural cave system or using wind chimes and such to give it a “tone”.  Fire would depend on what you burn to make the fire.  Water could be barreled or purified, frozen or boiled.  All sorts of options for interesting variants on the base elemental form.

Image found on Jooinn and is free to use.

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