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Tuesday Magic Item – Elemental Seed

5 July, 2022

Seeds for greatnessGollaon watched, bow ready, as the elementalist dropped small crystals into the prepared areas.  Within moments, man-shaped, but well larger than most people, beings of clay and stone with glittering crystal eyes emerged from the ground, as though swimming up from the depths.

Voddick crossbow snapped.  “I hope you are done with whatever you needed to do,” he said from around the corner.  “Because those demon-riders are almost here.”

The stone and clay beings followed the commands of the elementalist who followed them with Gollaon at their side.  “We are on the way with aid,” said Gollaon as Voddick’s crossbow launched another bolt.

Elemental Seed

These are almost always crystals, usually semi-precious stones, but sometimes they appear as something more unusual: Amber for earth.  Clouds woven into a knot for air.  An ever-burning coal for fire. Unmelting ice or snow for water.  To use the seed, they must simply be placed into a large amount of the appropriate element and an elemental will appear made of that element, who is friendly to the person who awakened them it but not under their control. Read the rest of this entry ?

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