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Tuesday Magic Item – Solstice Ring

21 June, 2022

Ring around my heartGollaon gently played the viola as the happy couple took their vows under the Summer sun.  It was a beautiful day and the couples’ whole extended family had arrived.

Voddick oversaw the drinks that had been brought passing them out and, occasionally, keeping more from those who had gone too far down the path of inebriation.

As the event wound down, the two friends met up.  “A task well done,” said Gollaon.

“Indeed, may they be happy and safe together,” nodded Voddick.

Solstice Ring

These rings are always made of gold or a gold alloy, as gold is the metal of the sun, and are usually undecorated on the outside though they sometimes bear an inscription on the interior.  These rings draw upon the light of the longest day to bless and protect those pledged to each other with the rings.   Read the rest of this entry ?

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