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Tuesday Magic Item – Guitar of the Golden Singer

7 June, 2022

Play me a songGollaon leaned forward, waiting for the next song to start.

Voddick handed his friend a glass of wine.  “You seem very excited about the singer.”

“They are very . . . dynamic,” replied Gollaon, taking a sip of wine.  “It is a whole new way to present music.  It may be the birth of a new style.”

Voddick shrugged.  “They do play well.”

Guitar of the Golden Singer

These guitars are beautifully made of finest woods oiled and polished to a golden sheen, sometimes with a small amount of gold used in decoration.  Their creator’s name is inscribed on the back and each new owner should add their name as well.  The strings are made of finely drawn silver wire.  The first one was made for the songmaster known as the Gold Singer for their love of cloth of gold garments.

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