Yodelling Goats of the Baltaic Mountains (A to Z, Y)

29 April, 2022

The valley echoed with something resembling song, it would fade in and out, sometimes almost seeming like words, other times drifting into melodic noise.  It was not until we had made our way deeper into the valley that we found the source of the yodelling, it was goats, many, many goats.

Would you follow?It is thought that the yodelling goats were around in the Gods Era, there are some reference to them in ancient tomes and documents where they were occasionally captured and brought to various courts or displayed in traveling shows.  Though the location of their home valley was lost in the aftermath of the Sundering and not rediscovered for several centuries as it is on the edges of the Sea of Stars.

Having been rediscovered, they have once again become a object of wonder sought out for menagerie and traveling shows.  Fortunately for the goats, if not for those seeking them, the Baltaic Mountains are distant and inaccessable from most points in the Sea of Stars.   The Baltaic Mountains are rocky and jagged with with lush valleys.  There are ruins of small settlements in the valleys, the fate of the inhabitants who once lived there is unknown.

The yodelling goats are exceptionally good at climbing and moving from rock to rock, capably of jumping six feet (1.8m) up and twelve feet (3.5m) across with ease.  They are willing to use their horns to defend themselves and their mates and they are exceptionally good about using the terrain again those pursuing them, luring pursuing people or predators onto loose rock or knocking them off ledges with a sudden charge.

The yodelling goats, like most goats, can be used for meat, their fur can be made into yarn, their hides can be tanned and the nanny goats can be milked.  There is a rumor that is gaining currency that drinking the milk of the yodelling goats improves the voice of the drinker making it much in demand among singers, espeically opera singers, and has lead to a market in “mock” yodelling goat milk as the real stuff is expensive and hard to come by.

The yodelling goats are stock with solid limbs ending in broad hooves.  The fur of the yodelling goat is usually cream white to mid-brown with occasional stipes of black or grey with older goats fur turning silver.  Both sexes of goats have horns, but the nanny goats horns only grow to three to four inches (8-11cm) in length while the horns of the male goats curve and can be over forty inches (102cm) in length.  They can get to be quite sizable with the largest weighing up to one hundred and eighty pounds (82kg) and being seventy inches (178cm) long.

Their yodelling can be heard for a considerable distance and it is thought to contain considerable information to other goats.

Notes:  Y is also tricky but how could I resist yodelling?  Also, had sheep at the beginning, only fair to have goats at the end.

Photo edited from Sindh ibex in Kirthar National Parkhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_goat#/media/File:Blackbuck1-Kirthar_National_Park.jpg, by Nomi887 used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

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