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Xenodochial Hound (A to Z, X)

28 April, 2022

The hounds wrapped around the tired and wet travelers welcoming them into the warm house.  Their friendly barks and nudges directed the guests to a place by the fire whereupon they curled up at their feet and leaned in.

A friendly friendThe xenodochial hounds may have existed before the Sundering, records are unclear, but if so, their number were small.   After about half a millenia, they have started to spread throughout the Sea of Stars, the Visse seem especially found of them and they have become popular among many people.

The xenodochial hounds tend to range in height at the shoulder from twenty-four to twenty-nine inches (61–74cm) and usually weigh in at forty-four to sixty pounds (20–27kg), though some end up rather plump under the tender ministrations of the Visse.  Their long fur coat can be just about any natural color and a few of them have veered into what would usually be thought of as unnatural colors, those owned by draconics houses can be quite striking such as the sky blue hounds of House Hazolai.

The xenodochial hounds are naturally friendly and gregarious, they will be friendly with any being that is willing to be friendly back or at least tolerate them.  They are quite clever and perceptive of people’s moods and able to act to try to improve and help people, comforting and cheering up people to the best of their ability.  If their friends are attacked they will fight to defend them, just because they are friendly, it does not mean that they are not true and loyal companions.

Notes: X is always tough.  Xenodochy is defined as reception of strangers or hospitality, a fun and unusual world for an unusual animal.

By photo of Afgan Hound found on WIkiMedia Commons by I, Lilly M, used under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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