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Undertaker Elephant (A to Z, U)

25 April, 2022

The procession was slow but dignified, the mighty pachyderms led the way, fragrent held aloft torches in their trunks.  Followed by a single ancient elephant pulling the hearst behind which trailed the mourners.  Arriving at the mausoleum, the elephants gently unloaded the coffin and retreated back, adding their mournful trumpting to the sad music being played.

Dressed for successThe undertaker elephants live in and around the mortuary city of Neth-Akr, once a stronghold of the twin gods of burials and embalming, but whose priesthood was exterminated quite throughly after the Sundering.  The elephants used in the ritual and funeral prosessions took over as many of the tasks that they could from the now vanished priesthood, the craftspeople of the town stepped up to take over the other tasks, together, they brough the city of the dead, back to life.  Their new draconic ruler did not mind as long as there was not even a whiff of religion, anything that brought money to the city, and by definition, then to the dragon’s coffers, was welcome.

The undertaker elephants are quite as intelligent as humans though their ability to communicate with non-elephants is rather limited, though they have a caste that excells in writing with large brushes.  They uses their trunks, tusks and massive strength to build, carry, dig and otherwise provide all of the major physical labor for Neth-Akr.  Some help with farming and logging in the hills and fields around Neth-Akr, others with quarrying and mining, without the elephants, Neth-Akr would be a much poorer place.  The undertaker elephants have evolved a society with distinct castes by profession, with the urban castes especially those who assist with funerals generally having higher status in Neth-Akr society.

The undertaker elephants average about nine feet (2.75m) at the shoulder for those that live in the city, and nine and a half feet (2.9m) for those outside with the female elephants being slightly smaller.  Their tusks are strong and often have tools attached.  While they allow the tusks of their dead to be carved into ivory items, they are very choose about who does so and to whom the final product is given to.  Such carved ivory is almost never sold and a gift of such is a sign of high regard.

The urban elephants are a darker slate-grey, while those who work outside of Neth-Akr, tend to a milder grey, both have green to blue eyes.

Notes: Needed to have some more large animals to go with the terrapins and snakes and elephants are pretty awesome creatures in any case, they deserve to be showcased more in games.

Image elephant by Ian L found on and is in the Public Domain.

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