Titanic Terrapin (A to Z, T)

23 April, 2022

There was a thudding and the ground trembled as the massive terrapin plodded forward, entire huts fixed to the shells.  They were directed along the path by younger villagers riding on the necks of the vast creatures.  Neither villagers or terrapins seemed concerned by my presence,

Large but slowThese turtles originate in the Marsh of the Thankfully Departed, which was know for large turtles even before the Sundering, several centuries afterwards, the titanic terrapin began emerging.  The local villagers quickly saw the advantage of a mobile lifestyle even at the slow pace of the terrapins and developed a symbotic relationship with the massive creatures.

While the terrapin are slow, they are also very tough and quite strong, and very few of the predators in the marsh are willing to confront them.  The terrapin villagers travel through the marsh on turtle back, their small huts secured with shaped wood and vines to the shell.  The terrapin villagers survive by harvesting plants and gathering fish from traps, making things from the wood of the trees and weaving items from reads and vines, some of these things they trade for items that cannot make.  The few creatures that are a threat to the titanic terrapins, the terrapin villagers will gather to drive off or kill, ironically, such creatures are usually much smaller than the titanic terrapins.

The titanic terrapins can haul a great deal of weight, though not at high speeds, and the terrapin villagers are extremely protective of them and have worked our ways to help their sizable mounts and maintain a pleasant lifestyle.  They have made cunning fireboxes that rest above the shell of the titanic terrapin warming both hut and turtle while not risking scorching the creature’s shell.

It is rumored that deep into the marsh there are even more titanic terrapins, ones capable of holding multiple huts or even a small village on their shells.  The terrapin villagers do not deny such rumors but no one else has actually seen a terrapin that titanic.

Notes:The idea of creatures with habitations on their backs is just so fun that I could not resist including one among the unusual animals.

Image of the Burmese eyed turtle, c 1878, found on WikiMedia Commons and is in the Public Domain,

One comment

  1. Are terrapins like tortoises? I have a tortoise who comments on my blog. I like all your animal posts.
    Ludo from Georges GP World

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