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Sunblessed Spaniel (A to Z, S)

22 April, 2022

The dog was beautiful, its pelt shimmering in the sunlight, it seemed alert and ready to act if needed.  There was just something about it that seemed noble and somehow sparkling.

Blessed by the SunSunblessed spaniels are descendants of the dogs that the Sun is allowed to keep as pets, he has been allowed to give the dogs as gifts to his favorites.  They usually breed true but the Church of the Sun does its best to keep the ownership of sunblessed spaniels until within its membership and most loyal supporters.

Their coats range from a pure white to a golden brown and their eyes are gold to amber.  They are usually about two feet at the withers (61 cm) and weigh in at about fifty-five to sixty-five pounds (25–29 kg).

The sunblessed spaniel’s divine gifts enhance the natural dogness of the spaniel, they are more loyal, more brave and more alert than the average dog.  They are quite intelliegent and easy to train and work very closely with the guards of many Sun Temples, some have even been taken to war but they do not seem to care for that task much.  Their bite seems especially damaging to the unliving and their blessed nature shields them from necrourgic energies to a limited extent making them highly prized as helpers by those tasked with hunting spirits and the unquiet dead who the sunblessed spaniels hate as much as their patron.

Many dragons, possibly correctly, consider them spies and agents of the Sun and will not allow sunblessed spaniels in their courts or homes.

Notes: Having done a cat, needed to have a dog as well.

Image edited from An 1859 drawing of a Water Spaniel, found on Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.

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