Quizzical Owls of Yarrow (A to Z, Q)

20 April, 2022

From the tops of tree, from the fences, from the roofs, the parliment of owls watched and judged those who when by at night.  They not only asked “Who?” but “Where are you going?” “Why are you out at night?” and other such questions and they persisted until answered.

Who?  What?  Where?The quizzical owls started showing up in the university town af Yarrow several hundred years after the Sundering, at first they were treated with respect and a little bit of awe, now they are just part of the town.  Some find them charming, others annoying, but they encourage debate and keep down the rodent population.

The level of intelligence of the quizzical owls is much debated, they have an impressive vocabulary and are able to construct a complete and continuing chain of questions.  It seems that the owls can only communicate with non-owls via questions, they seem to communicate among themselves using hoots and twills.

The owls taken away from their fellows of the parliament of Yarrow, the quizzical owl becomes despondent and eventually stops asking questions and pines away.

The quizzical owls are very large and, like many types of owls, the females are larger than the males.  The mightiest of the females who rule the parliament can be twenty-eight inches (71cm) long with a seventy-five inch (190cm) wing span and can weigh up to nine pounds (4.2 kg).

Notes: Q is always tricky but I like these owls.

Image photo Owls from Jean Beaufort found on PublicDomainPictures.net and is in the Public Domain.

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