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Tuesday Magic Item – Peacock’s Eye Jewelry

19 April, 2022

Watching youGollaon surveyed the assembled nobles.  “They seem to taking the threat of assassination very seriously,” he noted.

“With three of there number slain in the last month, I should not wonder,” said Voddick.  “But you are referring to their choice of jewelry are you not?”

“Perceptive as always my friend,” nodded Gollaon.  “I wonder if they are pieces they had in storage or if some clever merchant was prepared to cash in on their fear?”

Peacock’s Eye Jewelry

These useful items are always in the shape of a peacock eye, often incorporating the feathers directly into the design.  They can be any sort of jewelry, bracelet, collar, earring, necklace, and all have the same effect, helping to protect the wearer by enhancing their perception of threats. Read the rest of this entry ?


Prognosticating Peacocks of Aiishin (A to Z, P)

19 April, 2022

Everywhere their were petitioners pleading, offering gifts and bribes, even begging just to ask a question of a bird who was said to be able to divine the future.  It seemed unlikely but then, we had seen stranger and more outlandish things that were true.

Is the future colorful?The birds are very carefully giuarded and protected by the Order of Peacock Sages in the city of Aiishin where they live in the extensive gardens of the citadel of the city (the peacocks that is, the sages live in the citadel).

The peacocks are used in ornithomancy, the divination of the future by the actions of birds, petitions ask the sages their question and they devise the proper way to present them to the peacocks so that an answer my be devined from their actions.

They are best with simple, yes or no, questions such as: “Will I be safe on this trip?” “Will we be happy if we marry?” “Is it a good idea to invest with my brother in law?”  For such direct questions, the peacock are right about nine times in ten.  The more complex the question, the less accurate the peacocks tend to be.

The Order of Peacock Sages guards the peacocks, penhens and eggs with great diligence and stealing any of them is punishable by death in the city of Aiishin.  The feathers of the peacock’s tail and the eggshells are often used in the creation of magic items tied to divination and precognition (such as this).

Notes: It was originaly prognosticating swans, but I decided I liked the alliteration of prognosticating peacocks better.

Image photo Peacock In Grass by Sheila Brown found on and is in the Public Domain.


Review – Shadowrun: Shadow Stock – Lofwyr’s Legions

19 April, 2022

Shadowrun: Shadow Stock – Lofwyr’s Legions is a book of NPCs and introduces the drake, part dragons, Lofwyr's Legionsas an optional metatype. It is interesting and useful for a GM. But the drake write up has some very serious balance issues that should make any GM reluctant to allow them for player characters without considerable revision.

Shadowrun: Shadow Stock – Lofwyr’s Legions is one of the Shadow Stock pdfs for Shadowrun, providing both interesting non-player characters and new character options, in this case NPCs associated with the dragon Lofwyr, his corporation Saeder-Krupp and rules for drakes, part dragons.

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