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Omnivorous Ophidian (A to Z, O)

18 April, 2022

Big SnakeWe could hear movement through the tall grass and see the grass waver as though a breeze was blowing through it.  Then Timlon’s pony vanished with a cry of pain and we saw the biggest snake we had ever seen!

The omnivorous ophidian does not have a sigle origin point, indeed, it does not seem to have a natural or predictable pattern to their appearance.  It is suspected that they are created when some curse that wascreated during the Gods War, or perhaps even predates that event, is triggered.

It begins in a group of eggs as they hatch, the infant snakes immediately turn on each other, eat or be eaten until only one remains having consumed all of its siblings.  This snake is faster and more cunning then it brethrin and quickly moves to gain more food, but it will eat animals, eggs, fruits, vegitables, anything organic (and occasionally non organic as well as it gets larger),  Its purpose is to consume, quickly growing and seeking larger and larger prey.

Luckily, they do not spawn but they do continoiously eat.  Their ability to conceal themself from prying eyes only lasts so long as they can quickly grow to massive sizes.  This has lead some to concluded they were created as a task for heroes, the snake would become a threat to a community and a divine sponsored hero would swoop in and slay it, saving the community and proving their heroism.  If this it true, it is a bit of a problem as their are no divinely sponsored heroes left.

When an omnovious ophidian is discovered, a massive hunt is quickly organized to kill it before if wipes out too much of the local fauna.  In the last millena, several villages and even a small town have been consumed nearly completely by these ophidians before being slain and more than one flock of animal has been wiped out by them.  They are exceeding dangerous.

Usually, they are found and killed before they get much more than thirty feet (9.15m) long but at least one made it to eighty feet (24.4m) in length and could swallow a horse and rider whole before it was slain.

Notes: Monster snake!  Thought it would be a fun creature to have populating the world.

Image photo from Steve001 found on Pixabay and is free to use.

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