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Monkyian (A to Z, M)

15 April, 2022

They are watching youLeaping from tree to tree, they moved with exceptional speed and agility.  They were monkey-like but with longer bodies and strong tails.  Their eyes were a bright orange.  As they observed the people people, they started to copy their movements and take branches to mimic the weapons the people belowe carried.  As they followed us, they became more like us in their actions.

The monkyians live in the jungles of Morgil-Morvi where they are organized in clan-like groups of extended families called a Troop.  They have an effective council of the eldest monkians which direct the Troop, moving to new areas as needed due to changing circumstances.  The monkyians eat mostly plants and insects but occasional hunt other animals as well.

Monkyians are about the same size for both males and females, the males being fractionally larger, up to four and a half feet (137cm) in length and weigh up to one hundred pounds (45 kg).  They are extremely strong for their size able to easily support their entire body weight with one limb or a tail.

The monkyians are highly intelligent for animals but also amazing physical mimics.  Whenever they encounter people, they instinctively start to copy their actions.  They are also very curious about the things made by people, especially food and hats, and will do their best to acquire such from any group traveling through their territory.

If attacked, they will fight back, copying and adapting to the fighting styles of those they are engaged with.  The entire Troop will come to the aid any attacked monkyian, often pelting anyone attacking a member of the troop with rotten fruit and other, less pleasant, things.  It is rumored that some of the monkyians have even been able to mimic spellcasting so completely as to trigger a weaker magical effect.

Notes: Monkeys!  Here is a bonus link to the opening sequence of Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys.

Image Monkeys by WEI, WAN-CHEN found on Wikimedia Commons and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.


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