Lightning Foxes (A to Z, L)

14 April, 2022

A lightning fox between transitsThere was a flash and a crackle and suddenly. a fox was padding beside me, its fur was crackling with electricity.  I could have sworn it was laughing at me.  I stopped to look at it, it stopped and lookup up at me and then vanished in a flash of lighting.  It reappeared some distance down the path, looking back at me as to say “are you coming?”

Lightning foxes are foxes that were, it is thought, showered by the blood of the one of the gods of the storm during the Gods War.  This has imbued them with both elemental powers and considerable intelligence.  A lightning fox can generate and ride a lightning strike for a short distance or perhaps they transform into lightning and reform where the lightning strikes, it is not exactly known and the lightning foxes do not talk about how their transport power work (or course, they might not know).

It is thought that the lightning foxes can ride a major storm and travel great distances within the lightning leaping from cloud to cloud.  Which explains how earths (as a goup of lightning foxes are known) of lightning foxes have appeared without warning on various islands where they had never been seen before.

They are slightly larger than expected from foxes and come in a wide variety of fur color: red, silver, gold, white and sometimes they change fur color after trasiting through lighting.  Their eyes are often gold or amber and glow quite distinctly when the foxes wish them too.  As they can make they fur crackly with electricity when they wish.

They are effective hunters able to strike from surprise and use coordinated tactics to harry and confuse their prey.  They use similar tactics when defending their dens, though they are happy to simply flee as well, though the youngest kits cannot use their elemetal powers and have to be defended on occasion.

The other other thing about them is that they can reason at quite a high level, at least as well as an average person, and they can talk (though some find their voices annoying).  They maintain a rich and very complex culture of oral histories, philosophical debates and meteorological lore.

They do not mind small settlements near by and occasionally form compacts with them but they avoid large groups of people, such as towns and especially, cities, which they find too noisy and dangerous.  Some people seek the lightning foxes out to learn their histories or philosophies and a very few of the foxes have been convinced to join the crews of sky ships where their talent for sensing and analysing weather patterns is highly regarded and valued.

Notes: These are, of course, the Sea of Stars equivalent of blink dogs but more fun as they are foxes and tied to the elements.  They first show up way back in a Pathfinder adventure I ran back in 2011.

Image fox found on PublicDomainPictures.net and lightly edited.



  1. Another fun one!
    K is for Knowledge

  2. I always like learning about foxes; whether they’re real, fictional or mythological.
    My A-Z in April.

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