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Kaleidosnipe (A to Z, K)

13 April, 2022

In its less colorful stageThe trees were filled with birds of all colors, a true riot of tones and hues, suddenly it all became dizzing.  The colors swirled and spun, fracturing and recombining, the groud flew up to meet me.  When I came to, the birds were all gone.  Luckily I had only been on the edge of the marsh when I encountered the birds.

These birds are found almost exclusively in the marshes of Northern Juvwal, a few have survived in other places in captivity but they require a diet high in colorful grubs, insects, snails and worms.  Nowhere except the marshes of Juvwal seems to have the right combination of foods and climate to maintain large colonies of the kaleidosnipes.

The kaleidosnipes are highly alert and prone to flying away at the hint of danger but beyound that, they have a unique defense, anything looking at them for more than a few seconds, finds the colors of their plumage shifting and warping, making it hard to watch them.  In larger numbers, the effect can be confusing, dazzling or mesmerizing.

Adults are ten to eleven inches (25–30 cm) in length with an eighteen to twenty (45–51 cm) wingspan and can weigh up to seven ounces (200g).

The plumage of the kaleidosnipe appears colorful but when removed from the bird, it is simply black, grey and white,  Use of preservative magics before the feathers are plucked from a live bird can allow the colors and powers of the feathers to be maintained for sometime allowing them to be incorporated into unusual fashions or even magical devices.

Notes: Another bird and one that player characters could get hired to capture but you know, snipe hunts never go well.

Image Great Snipe from Naumann, Natural history of the birds of central Europe, 3rd Ed. Revised by G. Berg et al.; Edited by Carl R. Hennicke.) c. 1905, found on Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.


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