Jumping Snails (A to Z, J)

12 April, 2022

Looks harmless, yes?We awoke to find snails everywhere, even in the things we hand hung from tree to keep them away from scavengers.  There were even some on the horses and mules, to their displeasure.  “Were did they all come from and how did they get . . . everyplace?”

These snails are mostly localized to several large islands on the far spinward north though occasionally they make the transit to some other area by travelling aboard a ship.  Sometimes this leads to a succussful colonization of a new region, in others something locally, climate, predators, lack of food, prevents them from becoming established.

The jumping snail can get quite large in favorable situations, some up to a foot long (30.5cm) and weighing as much and one and a half pounds (.7kg) but they are not fast nor particularly dangerous to people or animals but can be to plants.  Their most unusual ablility and from when they get their name is there ability to jump up to six feet (1.8m), even stright up, but seem to only be able to do so once every hour or so, how they jump is unknown only that they do.  This gives them the ability to get, well, just about anywhere.

The shells of the jumping snails can be used to enhance certain magics and some consider them good eating when properly prepared.

There is also an offshoot of the jumping snails, the Pouncing Leech Snail, somehow, perhaps evil magic, perhaps deliberate mutation, has combined the jumping snail and voracious river leeches.  They use their jumping ability to attack a target en mass and drag them down.   Some people are rumored to use them as guard creatures.  Their shells are used for a variety of unpleasant blood related magics, such as Leech Shell Spirals.

Notes: Worms and snails are not cute or cuddly but part of the ecosystem all the same, even if it is a magical ecosystem.

Image Snail by Doodlebug found on Clean Public Domain and is in the Public Domain . . .


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