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Hellsnake (A to Z, H)

9 April, 2022

The black snake slides through the rocks showing no fear of the people gathered.  A guard throw a rock at it and the snake reared up and wreathed itself in red flames.  Everyone backed away, taking up defensive positions as the now flaming snake moved to attack.

SnakeWhile the primary routes to the hells have been sealed away from the Sea of Stars there are places were aspects and influences of the infernal realms still seep through and inflitrate into the world.  One of such is the wasteland of Valshos, once a successful kingdom whose patron god was a prince of the hells and master of serpents, in the aftermath of the Gods Wars, the realm’s priesthood and rulers were burned out by the dragons of House Hazolai and with the change of climate, the lands were abandoned and left to be reclaimed by the wilderness.

Among the creatures that emerged and thrived in the wasted lands were the hellsnakes.  Those who live on the edge of the waste tell stories of the last survivors of the diabolic priesthood that once ruled in Valshos turned themselves into snakes to avoid the wrath of the dragons only to find that they were trapped in the form of serpents forever, which explains their innate hostility to all people and animals.  Whatever truth there is to that legend, the hellsnakes seem to hate all other forms of life and possess powers which seem infernal in nature.

The hellsnakes are primarily black with other colors, often red but others have been seen, they can grow up to ten feet (3m) long with powerful jaws and fangs that inject a acid-laced poison.  They can blend into shadows, becoming nearly invisible, or wrap themselves in flames.

While most sensible people avoid the hellsnakes, who do not seem to leave the wastes, their skins are very tough and resistant to both acids and heat.  Possessing items made of hides is of practical use to some but also drift in and out of fashion among the wealthy.  However, their flesh is foul and poisonous and should be avoided, though the unpleasant flavor is so strong that it cannot be effectively used as a consumed poison.

For those brave enough to seek the treasures rumored to be lost and buried among the ruined cities of Valshos, the hellsnakes are a major threat.

Notes: Something more traditional and monstrous this time.

Image Western Mud Snake (Farancia abacura reinwardtii) by Peter Paplanus and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.

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