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Growling Frogs of the Verdant Delta (A to Z, G)

8 April, 2022

The river was placid but, without warning, the sound of a rushing water, thundering, echoing from all directions.  But the water remained still.  The birds took to the air in great clouds and small fish leapt above the surface of the water . . . where some rather large frogs snapped them out of the air and the sound ended as quickly as it began.

golden-tree-frog-1596610365086Among the frogs that live in the Verdant Delta region, reknown for it fertiles lands and flowing rivers, there are a particular large breed known as the Growling Frogs for their ability to generate to generate a low, growling tone that in large numbers sounds like the rapids of a river.  Obviously, such a noise suddenly echoing through the delta is quite surprising and disruptive.  The frogs rarely congregate in such numbers to be able to do so but when they do, it is a noise to hear for the brief period it echoes across the rivers.  This noise disorients and brings fish to the surface of the river where the small ones fall prey to the voracious hunger of the frogs.

The growling frogs also use these low growls to communicate, as they carry very well along and over the water, of any threats approaching making it quite diffuclt for hunter, animal or person, to catch them by surprise.  The frogs work surprisely well togother, spontaniously forming hunting bands and using their growls to herd or disorient the small creatures, mostly insects, that they usually feast upon.

Growling frogs are usually green though those living near the ocean shade slightly more into brown and some of the one on the highland edge of the delta shade a bit more into blue.  Fully grown they can reach as much as thirteen inches (32cm) in length and seven pounds (3.7kg) in weight.   They are considered a delicacy and their bones are prized for use as flutes.

There are rumors that some grow to giant sizes, large enough to eat a goat or even a fully grown person, but if true, such growling frogs are exceedingly rare and willing to hide from larger creatures.

Notes:  Frogs do not show up much so thought I would use them here as it would be something different.

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