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Tuesday Magic Item – Cloak of Many Colors

5 April, 2022


“I have never seen someone so disliked by cats,” said Voddick watching the scout go by, their fur cloak flapping and the inn cat hissed.

“It is the cloak, such pieces of clothing come with their own curse,” said Gollaon.

“Yes?  Why?”

“It is made of cat pelts.”

“Oh.  But how do the cats know that?” ask Voddick.

Gollaon shrugged.  “I do not know, but somehow, they do.”

Cloak of Many Colors

These cloaks are made of the treated pelts taken from Cats of Many Colors.  The cloak is a fur cloak and usually defaults to a neutral color such as grey when its magic is not active.

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Dimistril or Digger Worm (A to Z, D)

5 April, 2022

These creatures may have existed before the Sundering and only been revealed by it or were perhaps created by it, it is uncertain, but they seem to have been unknown before that time.

Faroe_stamp_208_anthropochora_-_earthworm_(Lumbricus_terrestris)The Dimistril come in a variety of forms but mostly look like quite large earthworms, the smaller ones being six feet (1.8m) long and a few rare ‘giant’ ones extend up to twenty feet (6 m) in length.  The larger they are the more likely they are to have adaptions such as armor, usually in the form or scales or mineral deposits, or spines or acid spit.  A small number who dive deeply into the earth sometime manifest even more unusual abilities.

The Dimistril burrrow through earth and can, with time, work their way through stone as well, but they do not like crystalized minerals, for reasons unknown, or metals.  Their pathways loosen earth and stone and make for easier mining and their avoidance of crystal and metals is a bone for any miner as they know such material will not have been consumed.

The dwarves are especially likely to cultivate Dimistril to introduce into certain types of mine works though they are very careful to try and control their spread, not wanting them to weaken stone they are relying on for other purposes.  A few other mining groups have managed to acquire some of the Digger Worms, as they call them, and are usually less careful in their use occasional leading to avoidable mine tunnel collapses.  It is rumored that the Sen’Tek have acquired some as well and are trying to work out ways to use them as weapons, so far, it seems, without success.

Dimistril prefer to flee if attacked but will fight back if cornered.

Notes:  Earthworms are our friends and these are, mostly, just bigger earthworms.

Image Earth worm stamp from the Faroe Islands has been released into the public domain by its copyright holder, Postverk Føroya – Philatelic Office. This applies worldwide.

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