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Cat of Many Colors (A to Z, C)

4 April, 2022

7-cats-in-various-coloursOne of the common effects, if such can be said of an unprecedented event, of the Sundering was to infuse creatures with magic and awaken abilities that they had never exppressed before.  Such is the case of the Cat of All Colors.  While appearing as normal domestic type cats, they have the ability to shift their coloration to match their surroundings.  This does not seem to be a conscious choice on behalf of the cat but just happens, though never when they are observed, just one moment they have one sort of fur coloring and patterning, after glancing away and looking back, it now looks like a totally different cat, even they eye and skin color can change but this happens less often.

These Cats have spread unevenly across the Sea of Stars, their ability does not always bred true but once a colony is established in a city, it tends to slowly become dominant, as their camoflague abilty is especially effective against people.  In the wild or in rural areas, it only gives a slight edge as many of the creatures that they hunt (or are hunted by) rely as much or more on sound or smell to avoid become a cat’s dinner.

A few have crossbred with larger cats, up to wildcat size, in a few regions.  There are persistant rumors of Tigers of Many Colors in the jungles of Ayram-Tu but if they are true, no one who has seen one has lived to report back upon it.

The pelts from Cats of Many Colors are much in demand among some crafter of magical clothing as they can be easily enchanted to bring their natural abilities back to life, as it were, allowing them to be used for camoflage capes or clothing.  Some people have tried to raise the Cats for this very purpose but they found themselves subject to continuing misfortunes and accidents and gave it up as a bad investment.

Notes:  Many cats in one, but if you have one as a pet, best have it wearing unique collar so you know which cat is yours!

Image by Tanya Hall, found on and used under a CC0 Public Domain license.

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