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Shadowrun Campaign News and a new Seattle Scream Prop (#74)

1 April, 2022

Cultivating Farm Hydroponics Plant Farmland Green

Shadowrun continues though slowly.

My Shadowrun demo games are played every first Saturday at Tyche’s Games if you are ever in the area.  Due to the work thing, not sure when I will be CH more Shadowrun apart from the Saturday games.  Though I have been able to play in some NorCal set games which has been nice.

A few minor changes to my house rules, taking into account some of the latest books, but –as always– a work in progress.  Comments and discussion welcome.

Here is some of the news from my campaign, recounted in the latest Seattle Scream (#74), only the Tornado Hydroponics story is tangentally related to one of the games we played.  But who knows what troubles on runners will get themselves into tied into what is happening in Seattle?

Speaking of Seattle, you can read my review of the new Seattle sourcebook, Shadowrun: Emerald City.

How are you runs into the shadows going?

Notes: Image from Max Pixel and used under the Creative Commons Zero – CC0 license.


Armored Sheep of the Loktarian Highlands (A to Z, A)

1 April, 2022

sheep-livestock-scotland-wool-nature-united-kingdom-north-scotlandThe Loktarian Highlands have developed an interesting ecology after the sundering, the grasses there have become quite high in metal content and the local sheep have adapted to such in the diets.

This makes their meat taste, well, metallic and their wool is interpenetrated with metal making it very tough and durable, though heavier than normal wool.  While Loktarian wool is highly prized for these qualities it is rare for several reasons:

The Armored Sheep of the Loktarian Highlands are stubborn, larger than most sheep, quite strong and very tough.  Even herding them can be a challenge and building a friendly relationship with them is more likely to lead to positive results then trying to intimidate them into obeying.

The Loktarian Highlands are a bitter and windswept region than most people would rather not live in especially as predators that can kill a Loktarian sheep are often pleased to try softer prey for variety.

The wool is very tough and special shears are required to shear the wool from the sheep, an act that they do not appreciate in any case.

It does take dye made from local plants very well and to some other dyes as well, usually ones that mix metal and plant based colors in their compositions.

Notes: First A to Z post for 2022.  Expect more odd creatures as we go along in the month.

Image found on Pikist and is in the Public Domain.

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