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Tuesday Magic Item – Soldier Box

29 March, 2022

360px-·˙·ChinaUli2010·.·_Xi'an_-_panoramio_(233)“I had hoped for more support when we were assigned to this outpost,” said Voddick.  “It is a good little fort but our numbers are few and the army said to be marching towards us is not.”

“I think we are being used as bait for a trap,” said Gollaon.  “Have you not noticed the boxes placed carefully around the fort?”

“I had, I was thinking they were ammunition.  But . . .” Voddick pondered.  “Soldier boxes?”

Gollaon nodded.  “I think so.  The small garrison can be suddendly expanded but anyone watching will just have seen supplies being brought in.”

“Clever, though I am not happying being the worm used to bait the hook.”

Soldier Box

These boxes are not large, usually, and are sometimes battered having survived being dragged from battlefield to battle field, others are decorated and well cared for, often the possessions of nobles.  It all cases, it is what they contain that make them useful.

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New Monster – Ceramic Soldier (for D&D 5E)

29 March, 2022


Ceramic Soldier

The soldiers moved in close order and in perfect unison, it was not until they came closer that it was possible to tell that they were not living people at all but cunningly made and painted clay.

Ceramic Soldier
Medium hollow (construct), unaligned

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