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Tuesday Magic Item – Hold Your Ground Shield

15 March, 2022


“It is nice to feel like the militia actually listened to us,” said Voddick adjusting his armor.  “We are not professional cavalry to fight in an open field.”

“Truth.  Let them come to us, on a ground of our choosing,” agreed Gollaon.  “Though I do wish we had more archers and slingers.”

“Luckily we were able to convince the shepards to join in or we would not have any slingers at all.”

“Again, truth,” nodded Gollaon.  “At least the militia has kept up their training.”

“And their equipment, those shields will be a great help in the coming fight.”

Hold Your Ground Shield

These shields are almost always large shields, designed to be used as part of a shield wall, often decorated with the symbols of the community they were made for.  They are usually far more utilitarian than decorated made for times of direst need.  They are often passed down within a family to serve for community

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