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Tuesday Magic Item – Soldier’s Belt

8 March, 2022

Sword Hanger“This court feels very much like a preparation for war,” whispered Voddick.  “With all of these courtiers dressed in their martial finery.”

“I also feel that ill wind blowing,” replied Gollaon.

“If they would actually being going out into the field of battle, I suspect their taste for war would vanish.”

“But what then would hard-working mercenaries like our fine selves be reduced too?” replied Gollaon.

“I could stand to guard a few more caravans rather than fight on the warfield again.”

Soldier’s Belt

These belts are often simple, just well made leather straps and metal fastenings from wich a hanger for a sword sheath for a dagger or two and perhaps a quiver or box of ammunition can be suspended from.  Some, of course, are much fancier to show off the owner’s wealth and status, but they are not any more effective.

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