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Tuesday Magic Item – Wreath of Triumph

1 March, 2022

371px-Bas_relief_from_Arch_of_Marcus_Aurelius_triumph_chariot“Triumphs always seem a bit indulgent,” said Voddick watching from the back of the crowd.

Gollaon nodded, sipping at some wine.  “Truth.  But people like to celerbrate their victories.”

“That I understand but dragging the defeated through the streets?  It just seems . . . impolite.”

“Agreed,” Gollaon handed his friend some wine.  “But the wine is free flowing so might as well enjoy it.”

Wreath of Triumph

These wreaths are quite simple, often just laurel branches woven together, tthough some are made of precious metals to mimic proper wreaths bepending on how ostentatious the person celebrating the triumph is.  It is quite a simple item, drawing it magic from the powerful symbolism of the triumph itself.

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