Dragons! Ending this month’s RPG Blog Carnival

28 February, 2022

Today is the last day of the RPG Blog Carnival for the Month of February, 2022, on the theme of Something, Something, Dragons so still time to join in!

DragonsI had hoped for more participation, but this has been a wierd month with lost of distractions (especially over the last few days!).

Codex Anathema talked about the Draconic Prophecies of Eberron (in Spanish!)

Curato Alain linked to this thread on RPG Geek: Not your Usual Dragon.

My contributions were:

Beginning the Carnival.

The Dragon Empress.

Dragons and their Forms in the Sea of Stars.

Dragonheart Amulet, protection but at a potential cost.

Dragon’s Egg Shield, it may save your life in a variety of ways.

Hoard Coin, dragons hate being mocked.

Notes:  In March the theme is and host for the RPG Blog Carnival are currently in the wind . . .  So maybe this should just stay open for another month?

Image Over the Clouds by kerembeyit found on DeviantArt and belongs to its creator (you can buy prints on DA).

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