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February and the RPG Blog Carnival Ends

28 February, 2022

HephaestusThanks to all who helped out with this month’s RPG Blog Carnival!  It was fun and I hope to host again soon.

With the start of March, the Equinox and Spring draw nearer.  As you no doubt are aware, the name of March comes from the Roman month Martius which in turn comes from Mars, as you would expect.  Mars was the Roman god of war (and a soldier’s god rather than a warrior as contrasted with his Greek counterpart Ares)

The theme for March, as usual, will be the military and things martial.  If there is anything in particular you would like to see, please let me know.  I will try to do something, spell or item, for the Equinox as well.

February, 2022 saw the following post in the journal:

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Dragons! Ending this month’s RPG Blog Carnival

28 February, 2022

Today is the last day of the RPG Blog Carnival for the Month of February, 2022, on the theme of Something, Something, Dragons so still time to join in!

DragonsI had hoped for more participation, but this has been a wierd month with lost of distractions (especially over the last few days!).

Codex Anathema talked about the Draconic Prophecies of Eberron (in Spanish!)

Curato Alain linked to this thread on RPG Geek: Not your Usual Dragon.

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