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Tuesday Magic Item – Dragonheart Amulet

22 February, 2022

The San Martinos Chuch marble dragon from Lucca, Italia.n

Gollaon paced nervously as they waited in the antechamber.

“Be calm, my friend,” said Voddick.  “It is not like you to be so ill at ease.”

“I just am not comfortable around . . . them,” the last part was said as a whisper.

“Well, it cannot be helped, sometimes we just have to confront those at the top of the treasure pile,” Voddick said.

“Truth.  But still . . . them and their direct servants throw me off my game.”

“Take a deep breath and relax.  They are just another tyrant and we have deal with many of those.”

Dragonheart Amulet

These amulets are made for members of the various draconic houses, often serving as badges of authority as well as symbols of loyalty.  As symbols of the houses, they are usually worked in the colors and motifs usually used by that house, for example House Hazolai (“Highest Lightning”) works their amulets in crystal and gold designed to catch the light and envoke the image of lightning.

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