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Tuesday Magic Item – Star of Fame

8 February, 2022

sparkling-starVoddick watched the woman walk past, he frowned and furrowed his brown in concentraition.  “I am sure I have seen her somewhere before . . . is she a noble?

Gollaon idly tapped their fingers on the hilt of their dagger.  “I think she would be pleased to be mistaken for such, but I believe she is an actress.”

“Indeed?” asked Voddick.  “She seemed so . . . regal.”

“Truth,” nodded Gollaon.  “I suspect her natural . . . grace had been enhanced by a minor glamour.”

“So often it is the case,” replied Voddick. “We should see if we could catch one of her shows.”

Star of Fame

These pieces of jewellery are designed to be noticed which occasionally caused them to drift into garish designs but at the very least they are always flashy.  They can be worn as a broach, amulet or hair or hat ornament as long as they can be seen by all.

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