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Tuesday Magic Item – Poet’s Walking Staff

25 January, 2022

Walking StickVoddick walked along the path, comfortable for once.

Gollaon kept an easy pace with him.  “This is a relaxing path and with good company.”

“Truth,” agreed Voddick.  “Guarding poets seems an odd task for us, but one I am happy to do.”

“Yes, walks in the wood are a nice way to spend time,” nodded Gollaon.  “Though I am not sure why were are needed.”

“Well, so far we have not been,” replied Voddick, “let us hope that continues.”

Poet’s Walking Staff

These staves are very particular to their original owner, some are simply cut branches, worn smooth with use, to finely worked wood with metal fittings, or even a dried and treated kale stalk as fits the person who first owned the staff.

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